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Too Many Clothes? Try These 6 Mantras to Cut the Clutter

Too Many Clothes? Try These 6 Mantras to Cut the Clutter

Is your wardrobe chock-full of clothes that no longer inspire you? Maybe you’re starting to wonder just how you managed to end up with so many clothes in the first place.

There are lots of decluttering tricks you can try to work out what you actually wear.

But there is one big elephant in your wardrobe.

We need less stuff.

Seems simple enough, right? In reality, it is really hard to put into practice. So we came up with a few basic mantras that you can adapt and use. Got any you like? Leave a comment below. 

6 Mantras to Shop More Mindfully

The number one way to declutter your wardrobe is to be really mindful of what you’re adding to it.

But the secret lies in just HOW you resist the urge to splurge on that ever-so-irresistible fast fashion. Try keeping a mantra or prompt in mind to keep you on track.

I Buy What I Need 

It’s time to focus on what items are missing from your wardrobe that you actually need. There will always be endless lines of new clothing that could fit right into your daily outfits. But the more and more we give in to fast fashion (maybe we should call it fast clothing) we end up with totally unmanageable wardrobes.

To focus on what clothes you need, it might be helpful to start by putting together outfits you can make from your wardrobe. This might take some time. Think about work, leisure, gym, special occasions, nipping to the shops, loungewear…Have you got something for each ocassion? Can you rotate or swap a few items to make more outfits? Try pairing items that you don't usually wear together!

I Will Take My Time and Make a Thoughtful Purchase

We’re often encouraged to ‘buy now’ before it’s too late. But just taking a few more minutes to decide on a purchase, the shine can wear off. Sleeping on it gives you lots more thinking space. If you keep coming back to the same item or you can’t stop thinking about it, then those are good signs that you are making a more mindful purchase.

 I Choose to Rehome an Item

You might already be a second-hand convert, but if you’re not, then what are you waiting for? Now, buying preloved clothes like there’s no tomorrow is still not truly sustainable. We need less stuff. But by buying second-hand you are directly keeping another garment in circulation, rather than creating the demand for another new item. It's like you're rescuing it and giving it a home.

One in, One Out

Get your friends together for a clothes swap! Or find a clothes swap event near you. Clothes swapping is a great way to encourage a strict ‘one in, one out’ policy in your wardrobe. You can clear out your wardrobe at the same time as getting another item that you needed. There’s even lots of online clothes swapping groups on Facebook, as well as a whole hosts of apps and websites including Dopplle.

I Commit to Buying Fewer Clothes

If you’re someone who really enjoys clothes shopping, then you have to keep in mind why you’re choosing to buy less. It has to be a goal or a purpose that outweighs the thrill you get from buying new clothes. Your motivation might be completely different to someone elses. Are you doing it to rescue your cluttered wardrobe? Maybe it’ll help you save more money to put towards a nice meal out with friends. Or it could be that you’re motivated to lead a more environmentally lifestyle.

With that purpose in mind, write it down. Put it on a post-it note and attach it to your laptop screen, or your fridge, or something prevalent. Make that commitment, whether that’s buying nothing new for a month, or limiting yourself to one new purchase every three months.

What else could I do with the money?

Sometimes we buy something for ourselves, or for others, out of boredom or as a way of making ourselves or a loved one feel better. That includes buying new fashion as a pick-me-up. We aren’t saying don’t treat yourself. But if you find yourself habitually buying clothes to the point that you can’t even close your wardrobe, then think about what experiences you could put the price of a brand new dress towards instead. A cinema ticket, a coffee out with friends, you choose!

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