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Meet Izzie and Sam, Founder of Clothes Swapping App Dopplle

Meet Izzie and Sam, Founder of Clothes Swapping App Dopplle

Clothes swaps are such a great way to freshen up your wardrobe without having to spend a penny. It's great for the planet and it can also be a fantastic way of finding some amazing garments. We recently found a brand new app dedicated to clothes swapping and so we're excited to share this guest post from the Dopplle team.

Meet the Sisters who Founded an Exciting New Clothes Swapping app 

Introducing Izzie and Sam, Co-founders of Dopplle

Izzie and Sam are the co-founders of Dopplle, with Izzie studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Bath and Sam studying Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nottingham. Being sisters with only one and a half years between them, they share the same passion (and wardrobe!) - encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle in an accessible and affordable way!

Aged 23 and 22, respectively, Izzie and Sam have spent the past four years consciously altering their lifestyle to be more sustainable and encouraging conversations with people about sustainability and the environment. 

Izzie said: "When I started university at Bath to do a Chemistry undergraduate degree, I learnt so much more about the environmental impacts fashion has through the university, friends and my research.

"Sam and I started to discuss ways we could alter our fashion habits to live more sustainably. Even though we already shopped in charity shops as it was more affordable and we often found more unique pieces, we wanted to do more!

"We saw clothes swapping events and knew this was what the fashion world needed. We had already swapped clothes at home before going to university.

"Still, we struggled with not having a second wardrobe to dip into whilst away from home. At university, we also did not have a close friendship group straight away where we could borrow each other's clothes, so we knew we wanted to do something that helped us live more sustainably through fashion, as well as swapping clothes with people at our university."


This is how Dopplle was born! Izzie and Sam started researching what students and other potential consumers wanted while also beginning to run swap shop events. They learnt on the go, so they did make a couple of mistakes along the way, but Dopplle wouldn't be where it is today without these mistakes!

They wanted a platform which students could use easily. After trial and error with making a website, it was decided to look into building an app for Dopplle! In September 2020, we launched the Dopplle app on Google Play and Apple Store.

It has been a journey the past few years due to COVID-19 changing the initial plans for the app. A successful Dopplle Ambassador scheme was run, which is restarting this summer (keep an eye out on our Instagram for when we open applications, with many universities and communities collaborations to run in-person swap shop events, and in the near future, Dopplle are looking into opening up to local communities too! 

Want to get involved? Download the Dopplle app here and get swapping. Become a Doppller today!


Izzie and Sam, and the rest of the Dopplle Team x

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