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Meet Our Very First Green Heart Collective Ambassador, Jo Hutton

Meet Our Very First Green Heart Collective Ambassador, Jo Hutton

We are so grateful when you spread the word about our mission to provide a sustainable alternative to buying new. 

Just a few days ago, Jo Hutton, founder of Happy Yoga Newcastle, got in touch about becoming our very first Green Heart Collective ambassador. We are really thankful for this kind offer and so we thought to make it all official with this blog. 

Read on to find out why Jo wanted to become an ambassador for us and how she embraces a second hand lifestyle. 

Meet Our Very First Green Heart Collective Ambassador

Say Hello to Jo Hutton, Founder of Happy Yoga Newcastle

Jo said: "In my role as a yoga teacher and studio owner people often ask me advice about where to buy their yoga products. There is this image that you need to buy expensive leggings and have £150 mats to do yoga 'properly' and I was starting to become very uncomfortable with this. For me yoga should be accessible and sustainable and not just about how you look. I wanted to become a Green Heart Collective ambassador to show that there's another way."

We love being able to provide a different way for people to shop. It means recalibrating how we behave and think when it comes to our shopping habits. In a similiar way, practicing yoga is a great way to refocus and balance your mind and body.

Jo said: "The best advice is to try and meet yourself where you are. Your yoga and meditation doesn't need to look like anyone else's. If you need to use a chair, or keep your eyes open, or use a fidget spinner, just do whatever works for you. There is no meditation or yoga police checking in with you, the only person who gets to decide how your practice should look is you. Small consistent practice will take you a long way."


Yoga can be a really accepting space, especially when you find a class of like minded people and a teacher who will find a way of including everyone. Fashion has a long way to go in terms of being inclusive and non-judgemental. But with more and more people shopping second hand we are saying no to the trendy fast fashion overlords. 

Jo said: "There used to be a stigma around wearing second hand clothes and I think that has totally reversed these days. Buying pre-loved means that you're part of a circular economy, you can buy beautiful, well made clothes all the while supporting great enterprises and not producing waste to go into landfill. It's a total win-win."

"I love shopping at Green Heart Collective because you can get really good quality clothes for a fraction of the cost they would be new. I never have to compromise on how they look and I feel good that I'm not contributing to clothes waste." 

Our final question for Jo was all about her own sense of personal style.

Jo said: "I think how I dress in my head and how I dress in reality are probably miles apart."

"I've never really followed trends but I love fashion and style. To me clothes are a kind of theatre, I love dressing up and trying new things. In my head I am very glamorous but in real life I spend 99% of my life in comfy pants and hoodies."

You can follow Jo on Instagram for free meditations and up to date info about workshops and classes (and pictures of her cats).

And if you fancy doing some online yoga with Jo then check out

A big thank you again to Jo for volunteering to spread the word. Every like, comment and share on our social media posts really does count. Reviews are also great, especially on Facebook or on Google Maps. Recommend us to your friends, neighbours, all helps. Thank you. 
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