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What you can donate to Green Heart Collective

Green Heart Collective welcomes your donations. We can help find a new home for your unwanted clothes and books.

We have also put together some resources for where you can take the items that we cannot accept. 

You can drop off donations at our brand new shop on Gateshead High Street at 231 High Street, Gateshead, NE8 1AS. Opening hours 10am-5pm Tuesday-Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturday.

Donate Clothes, Books and More in Gateshead

Looking for a new hassle free way to clear out your wardrobe? If you have quality women's clothing, why not try our brand new initiative

Items we take – (as of 20/12/2023)

  • Women’s Clothing (no shoes, underwear or nightdresses please).
  • Men’s Clothing (again no shoes, underwear or sleepwear, please).
  • Adult and Children’s Books.
  • Suitcases (functional, in good working order) to be donated to Peace of Mind North East.
  • Old shoeboxes, cardboard packaging, mailing bags etc ( we reuse these to send out our online orders).
  • Gift sets. While we love the idea of regifting, for whatever reason you might have gifts or gift sets that you may wish to donate instead. We can find them a good home in our shop.

All items need to be from smoke free homes, clean and in good condition.

We do not take these items – here's where to take them

Used bras Against Breast Cancer
Shoes Donate to your nearest charity shop 
Children's Clothes Donate to your nearest charity shop
Used nightwear & Underwear We do not accept used nightwear, underwear or swimming costumes. Can you reuse or recycle at a textile bank?
 Electrical items Can you recycle instead?
Furniture Try OrangeBox North East or Foundations Furniture 
Toys Donate to your nearest charity shop
CDs, DVDs, Videos including Video Games Donate to your nearest charity shop
Towels and Bedding Support a homeless charity, or animal shelters
Curtains and Cushions Donate to a local charity, or recycle at textile banks
Lampshades Donate to your nearest charity shop
Rags Some charities take rags, or recycle 
Bike Helmets If damaged, they're unsafe & hard to recycle due to mixed materials. If unused, try giving away locally
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