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Our Guide to Buying Preloved Clothing

Unless specifically marked as Brand New or Vintage, all items of clothing in this collection are preloved. Each item is therefore a one off and will be only available in one size. Buying preloved items online from Green Heart is a lot like ordering anything online in terms of ordering, payment, delivery and returns, but if you have not bought preloved items online before, then do please read these guidelines before shopping with us.

SIZE GUIDE: the size given is the sizing denoted by the original brand of the item.

Sizing will vary according to the brand. Additional measurements will be given in inches i.e. inside leg length for trousers and armpit to armpit measurement for tops. If you require additional measurements, do please contact us and we will be happy to provide those for you.

If the label is missing from the item, then we will estimate the size based on measurements and indicate that this is an estimate.

CONDITION GUIDE:  all items in this collection are preloved unless otherwise stated.

We will give the era where possible for all items identified as vintage. Upcycled items will be preloved and have been reworked in some way. It will be specified in the description if a brand new item has the original tags.

Buying preloved items means there will always be some minor signs of wear. Any obvious flaws will be photographed and described. If any alterations, mending or amendments have been undertaken, these will be listed. However, unless otherwise stated, you can assume that all fastenings, such as zips, are in working order and all buttons are in place.

Each item will be designated one of the following descriptions.

Brand New: this item will never have been worn and this will be clear from the appearance. It will be in perfect condition with no signs of wear, unless otherwise stated. Where a brand new item has original tags, this will be stated in the description.

Excellent: this item will have little or no visible signs of wear. Any flaws will be described and photographed. This applies to all preloved, vintage and upcycled items.

Good: this item will have some visible signs of wear, such as bobbling and maybe small flaws, but these will be described and photographed. This applies to all preloved, vintage and upcycled items.

FABRIC AND CARE GUIDE: Where possible, the composition of the main fabric of the garment will be given.

If the label is missing or impossible to read, we will try to identify the fabric the best we can and we indicate that this is an estimation.

The washing instructions given will be the washing instructions on the label of the garment. Where the label is missing, no instructions will be given.

HYGIENE GUIDE: we do not offer preloved pyjamas, onesies, underwear, swimwear or earrings for resale for hygiene reasons.

Don’t worry though, we’ll always find a way to upcycle them and nothing will go to waste!

LEATHER GUIDE: you may be surprised that as vegans, we are prepared to sell preloved leather items.

However, we would not want to see these items of clothing go to waste, and are therefore offering these items for sale so that they can be re-used, rather than someone buying new.

We will always indicate any attachments or fabrics that are not vegan in our descriptions, such as wool, pearl buttons etc.

VINTAGE AND BRAND GUIDE: reselling donated items means that we have to rely on the individual for information.

We cannot ever guarantee that each item is an original or vintage. We will be as honest as we can be about these claims and the prices will reflect our best guess. We will never state definitively a decade, for example, unless absolutely sure. If we cannot guarantee an item is vintage, we will say something like Vintage Feel or Retro Vibe.

IMAGE GUIDE: all images of products listed are our own and to be honest, will rarely do the garments justice (especially trousers!).

At this stage, we have taken the decision not to use models for product images but may do so for social media. All lifestyle shots are currently used with permission from stock photo libraries.

We do our best to give a clear representation of each garment, but please be aware that colour may vary from device to device. Garments, particularly skirts, are pinned to fit the mannequin and so the image is not a true representation of the size of the garment.


As with trying anything for the first time, you may feel unsure about buying preloved items online. Do please contact us at with any questions and we will do our best to help you.

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