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Preloved second hand shirts and a pair of jeans hanging on a rack

Alternatives to eBay, Depop and Vinted: Top Five Places to Sell Preloved Fashion Online

When you’ve got something a bit special to sell, it’s vital to get it listed in the right places. If you're looking for an audience that isn't on eBay, Depop or Vinted, then you've come to the right place. Here’s a selection of alternatives where you can sell your best preloved fashion online.

There's a couple of other great alternatives to selling clothes online that we have also included towards the bottom.

Sell Your Unwanted Clothes: Alternatives to Depop, Vinted and eBay

Where We Sell Our Clothes Online as a Small Business

At Green Heart Collective, we sell our second hand fashion on eBay and on our website.

Now, feast your eyes on this list of alternative places to sell your preloved fashion!

New Places to Sell your Unwanted Clothing Online


Here’s a hassle-free option for men’s designer clothes: Marrkt is one of those platforms that do all the work for you. Fill in a form, attach some photos and you’ll get a valuation. If you’re happy, then they’ll flog it for you.

This York-based business welcomes high-quality pre-owned fashion that is well made and ready for a new life.


  • Hassle free service
  • Sell your high-quality items alongside other top designer gear
  • You can use WhatsApp to quickly enquire about an item you wish to sell


  • 37% sale price commission
  • Minimum £15 commission per item sold


True Vintage

Humble beginnings. Born out of a university bedroom, True Vintage has gone from strength to strength since 2014. If you have something a bit special, then it’s worth seeing what True Vintage will give you for it.

Updating their store daily, there is a unique range of preloved clothes specialising in street and sportswear. 


  • Great place to sell rare vintage football kits, jackets, puffer coats


  • No real interface for selling, just one-off forms or an email to send



Founded by Joe Metcalfe in 2017, Thrift+ is an online shopping platform for second-hand clothes which also allows people to sell their unwanted clothes online.

Thrift+ is a bit different. They do all the work for you – just send them your clobber, they’ll photograph and sell them on their website. In return, you earn ‘credits’ which you can redeem on Thrift+ OR a John Lewis Gift Card.


  • Fill up a bag, send it off, forget about it – there’s less hassle involved
  • Support your favourite charity by donating a percentage of the profits you make
  • Buy and sell high street and designer wear


  • You have to spend what you earn on Thrift+ or John Lewis
  • No control on pricing


Vestiaire Collective

If you’ve got some top designer gear, you’ll want to check out Vestiaire Collective. It boasts over 3 million items from thousands of desirable brands.

Vestiaire Collective has been operating since 2009; the platform showcases both professional and individual sellers.


  • Only genuine designer items are sold, as they have to be ‘validated’ prior to listing
  • Set a price you're happy with, starting from £20


  • You need to have proof that your item is genuine
  • Must be a designer brand
  • High selling fees
  • Not paid immediately


ASOS Marketplace

Now, this one is for the serial second hand sellers. ASOS Marketplace plays host to a range of indie and boutique brands, selling new, vintage and retro fashion.


  • Tap into ASOS’ branding and marketing to help get your shop or label noticed
  • Big audience


  • Monthly charge plus commission
  • You have to apply
  • Not for the casual reseller



Finnish Fashion brand Marimekko is about to launch a new platform for reselling Marimekko preloved pieces online. So if you have any of their pieces you'll be able to sell them on their. The new initiative will allow individuals and businesses to resell vintage garments from this brand only. 


  • Very specific market of buyers 


  • You can only sell Marimekko clothes on this platform

Clearing out your unwanted clothes can be a real hassle. But not when you use SWISH.

SWISH is an easy and convenient way to turn the clothes you never wear into rewards for you or your favourite charity. Simply send in your high quality and good condition unwanted items using our recycled plastic mailing bag and they’ll do the rest. SWISH is committed to keeping fashion out of landfill by creating a circular model of buying preloved instead of new, ensuring your clothes stay in circulation for longer.

Good for your wardrobe, good for people and planet.

Request a free SWISH bag today (UK mainland only).


FINDS - sell clothes online Tiktok

Do you love getting in front of a camera? FINDS is a new way to sell clothes online in an app that very much looks like Tiktok. You can buy or sell garments on there by browsing feeds of items. There's an option to livestream to talk about and showcase your listings. FINDS takes a 8% commission fee on all sales.


Have You Tried Swapping Clothes?

Alright, so this might be a bit left field for you. But have you ever considered swapping your clothes? Now we aren't just talking about swapping clothes with your bestie or a family member. There are a range of clothes swapping apps online. 

Dopplle - Clothes Swapping App

We recently discovered Dopplle which is the #1 Free Clothes Swapping app dedicated to students. They were even so kind as to write us a brilliant guest post which you can read right here

Untagged Fashion

We also like this app called Untagged, where you can turn your clothes into tokens. You can then use these tokens to update your wardrobe. Again, you might not be selling your clothes but you can still trade something in that doesn't fit or you no longer love for something that piques your fancy.

 Mission Accomplished?

 We hope that this guide has helped to steer you in the right direction. If you need a little bit of persuasion why you should sell your vintage goods online, then read the story of this vintage Laura Ashley dress...

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