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Meet Northern Siren Crafts - Handmade Jewellery and Home Decor

Meet Northern Siren Crafts - Handmade Jewellery and Home Decor

As part of our Christmas and New Year special, we reached out to local Tyneside makers and sellers who are transforming used materials into something special. This edition features Northern Siren Crafts, who has a range of fantastic jewellery and home decor, including some stunning unique upcycled stamp rings and vintage pendants.


Emma, Northern Siren Crafts

Where did NorthernSirenCrafts Begin?

"During the lockdown last winter I spent a lot of time walking at Seaham beach, picking up piles of beautiful seaglass brought in by the tide. The sea-tumbled glass is over a century old and some of the pieces were way too pretty to simply stay in a jar. My jewellery making journey began with turning some of my seaglass pendants into cute pendants and after seeing how much children at a local market I attended liked them I thought Etsy was a great way to widen their availability."

Why is working with recycled/upcycled materials important?

"It's an easy way to reduce our impact upon the environment, both myself as a crafter and for shoppers picking up something new. You have the chance to prevent something from going to landfill and giving it a completely new life.

"Speaking from a personal perspective as a historian, it's pretty exciting to wear a piece of jewellery knowing that it's been around for decades already in another form."

How do you feel about Christmas?

"Christmas is my favourite time of year: all of the bright lights and festive songs always brighten up my day! I've been shopping small for Christmas presents this year and have found some fantastic unique local-made products.

"As a seller, it's a great feeling knowing that the jewellery you've made is going to be given as a gift and hopefully bring a smile to someone's face on Christmas. I price all of my jewellery fairly, making sure that each piece is affordable, so that as many people as possible are able to buy when they see something they like."




Tell us about your favourite item?

 "My personal favourite item is my collection of historical themed vintage stamp rings! I kept a beautiful Elizabethan themed one, but there are nine currently available in my Etsy store ranging from medieval monks, to saints, and castles. They're the perfect stocking filler gift for history lovers young and old."

Where can people find you?

"My Etsy shop is NorthernSirenCrafts and you can also find me under that name on Instagram. If you like seeing the behind the scenes process of me making my products, alongside some cute cat videos, check out my TikTok also at northernsirencrafts.

"I'm always happy to make a custom order! I've made personalised name beaded bracelets before: my favourite order was an Irish flag themed birthday present for a young girl. I've also handmade pendants from supplied photos and sourced stamps to make personalised Christmas gifts.

"Oh, and happy holidays everyone :)"

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