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Meet ForgetMeNotArt - Amazing Driftwood Sculptures

Meet ForgetMeNotArt - Amazing Driftwood Sculptures

As part of our Christmas and New Year special, we reached out to local Tyneside makers and sellers who are transforming used materials into something special. This edition features ForgetMeNotArt, who has made some fantastic sculptures and pieces using driftwood and sea glass and has even run workshops for kids to pass on their passion.


Hi! Tell us how you got started!

"I set my business up about 5 years ago. Before this I worked as a teaching assistant for 16 years. I left this job to care for my mam full time. Mam suffered from dementia and I wanted to look after her.

"I was always creative at work and missed this so decided to start crafting. Mam would watch me create things and it helped with my stress levels. My creations got noticed on Facebook and I started to sell things locally. Sadly I lost my mam to dementia last year. My business -Forget me Not Art is dedicated to her. I became more focused on making it a success so decided to sell on Etsy too.

Why do you work with upcycled and recycled materials?

"I'm one of those people who hates to throw anything away. I love to give things a new purpose. I hate the thought of anything going to landfill, so if I can do my bit to help with this I will. People donate all sorts of things to me to see if I can repurpose. I also love to use natural materials such as driftwood collected on my beachcombing trips to the local beaches.

"I use these in my Children's arts and crafts workshops too. The children love working with wood, shells, pebbles and any sort of recycled items. I always let them know where everything is from and the importance of reusing things. Nature and the environment is so important to me. Being out in the fresh air and at the coast and is where I'm at my most happiest.

How do you feel about Christmas shopping?

"I've never been a huge fan of Christmas shopping but I love giving gifts.
I've noticed since the pandemic so many new small businesses have cropped up on Facebook and Instagram. People have lost jobs and had to reinvent themselves or have had more time on their hands.

"I think crafting and making things really helps with mental health. If I can buy from these small businesses not only does it help people get back on their feet it helps me to buy something bespoke and special. I know exactly where it has come from and how it was made. I've managed to buy from lots of local small businesses this year."

Show us your favourite items!

"My favourite items I've made are these Nativity scenes. I created these entirely from Driftwood collected from Northumbrian beaches. The sheep are made from pebbles. The Kings crowns are made from old washers. The bases are Driftwood or old floorboards."

You can find ForgetMeNotArt on EtsyFacebook, Instagram. Interested in crafting?


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  • A well deserved recycling star.

  • I have bought lots of items from Lynne. Beautifully made with love

    Louise Brown

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