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Meet Moi, Owner of TeXCraftStudio

Meet Moi, Owner of TeXCraftStudio

It is wonderful to see so many small businesses that upcycle denim and other materials into something fantastic. This week we caught up with Moi, owner of TeXCraftStudio.

This unloved denim jacket has been transformed with a Frida Kahlo embroidered design. 

Where did your love for working with recycled materials come from?

Moi said: "I have always worked in creative industries and from a young age I was designing and making my own clothes since just a young girl."

"I am originally from Thailand and my working career there was spend designing clothing for international companies like Body Glove and Wacoal. I was a head designer for children's and ladies wear for these companies and this gave me a great opportunity to be creative and understand customers."

"When I moved to Cornwall 20 years ago, I had very few opportunities to work in that career due to language barriers and very limited companies that were working here at that time so I set up my own business making and creating things that were one-offs and upcycled /recycled. I worked in paper and textiles on various products. The paper products were mainly aimed at the wedding industry and using handmade papers from plant waste I created products that have been used for two royal weddings and various events all over the world."

"The textile work is really my passion and using old, used clothing I can experiment and create new clothing from it. I often get donated new fabrics from industrial waste that I can incorporate into my designs and the best thing is that I can create what I like, when I like with no deadlines, demands or strict governing rules. Basically, I am free to create anything, be it seagulls or festival wear, punk shirts or products for retail."

What is it that inspires your work?

 "What inspires me at the moment is really where I live. Cornwall has so much to offer creatives. The light, the sea, the colours and the people. They all make it a great place to live and to work."

Where can we find you?

"I started a website some years ago and a Facebook page as many do but the work involved running them took me away from what I loved doing, just creating nice things. The Facebook page is still there and called Candlelight Creations but I haven't updated it for a while. The website closed a couple of years ago and I like the freedom it has given back to me. The pieces I make are generally one-offs and I much prefer the easy listing that places like Etsy offers me to make sales and to promote my work."

Find Moi's Etsy store here


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