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Latest news from Green Heart Collective

Jun 24, 2022

Where Does Unsold Supermarket Clothing Go? Sainsbury’s Expands Fashion Recycling Scheme

So where does unsold supermarket clothing go? It's easy to pick up some basic clothes when you're doing a weekly shop...

Jun 22, 2022

How the Fastest Solo Sailor to Travel the World Is Helping to Change the World

In the spirit of world adventurers, (READ MORE about world environment explorers Starsky and Hutch) it's time to find...

Jun 16, 2022

This Is What Happens to the Clothes and Fabrics on Great British Sewing Bee

Have you ever wondered what happens to the clothes and fabrics on the Great British Sewing Bee? We love the whole ethos of the show which has amazing transformation challenges that take old clothes and make them into entirely different garments.
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