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Styling Hack Creates Two Weeks Worth of Outfits With Nine Items of Clothing

Styling Hack Creates Two Weeks Worth of Outfits With Nine Items of Clothing

Having gone viral on Tiktok, Rachel Spencer's 333 styling hack has since appeared in the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

If you're looking for a way to pack two weeks worth of outfits without having to lug a huge suitcase with you, read on.

How to Make 2 Weeks Worth of Outfits With Just Nine Items of Clothing

The Viral Tiktok 333 Outfit Challenge


@rachspeed VOGUE wrote about my 333 outfit method 😭❤️ i used my fave basics today like trousers, sneakers, vintage levi’s , charm necklace & chanel bag! #333challenge #capsulewardrobe #outfitinspo #thrift ♬ original sound - Rachel Spencer

Spencer's 333 challenge sounds super simple. You just need: Three tops. Three bottoms. Three pairs of shoes.

But the difficulty lies in creating as many outfits as you can! 

Of course, some basic calculations would tell you that the maximum number of different outfits you could make is 27. 

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The key to maximising the number of outfits you make is choosing your 9 items carefully so that they can be mixed and matched.

Another great tip by Spencer is to think about how some garments can be worn in a different way. E.g a skirt as a top. Of course, this really depends on the item. A skirt with an elasticated waist or one that is more flared will be easier to wear as a top. 

So you may even be able to break 27 different outfits! 

How Is the 333 Outfit Challenge Different to Project 333?

The 333 outfit challenge is a newer viral trend which focuses around making the best use out of 9 items to create as many outfits as possible. It's a useful hack for when you need to pack just a few items to take with you when travelling or if you're keeping a mini wardrobe.

In contrast, Project 333 is a capsule wardrobe challenge where you wear 33 items over 3 months. 

But what both of these challenges highlight is how we can get away with owning and wearing fewer clothes. 

Both are also fun ways to work out which clothes you actually want to wear.

The 333 outfit challenge is especially brutal; you'll find the first few outfits easy as you gravitate towards the combos you already wear regularly. But it is much harder once you get over 10 unique outfits.

After this point, you have to be much more creative with your styling choices. Which is a good thing. 

Why not try picking three tops, three bottoms and three pairs of footwear at random from your wardrobe and trying the 333 outfit challenge. This will almost certainly force you to try new outfits.

It's not about being restrictive. The average Brit has 118 items of clothing in their wardrobes - just think of how many outfits we can create if we applied the same principles as the 333 outfit challenge!

Lets try new outfits, explore our personal style and keep clothes being worn and loved, not stuck in the back of our wardrobes.

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