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Green Hearts February 2024: We’re in This Together, Show the Love

Green Hearts February 2024: We’re in This Together, Show the Love

We need to come together.

As we battle against climate change, we are fighting on so many fronts. And yet we are divided in so many ways.

We are told that we have to reduce our carbon footprints. But at the same time there are huge companies pumping out more carbon emissions that we could ever generate in our lifetimes.

In the same vein, our governments tell us to avoid rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwashers that we may or may not have. Governments that continue to invest in fossil fuels. 

It's madness. It's rage-inducing. It's terrifying. 

But we all live on the same planet. We share the same resources. So we need to be on the same team!

Green Hearts February 2024 - Green Hearts for Climate Change

What is Green Hearts February 2024 or Show The Love?

This February 2024, the Climate Coalition's Show The Love campaign calls for everyone to set aside their differences and do what we can to tackle climate change and protect what we love. 

"Join us to show decision makers that we want to see real and rapid action to tackle the climate and nature crisis - for the love of our families, our homes, our livelihoods and our planet."

"Together we will share our personal stories - our hopes, our fears and our own inspirations for action and use the power of green hearts to show people in power that tackling the climate crisis is the fight that unites."

Green Hearts February has been running since 2015 as a way of keeping in touch with politicians and to make our climate concerns clear. It was thought up by the Climate Coalition. 

So, What Can You Do? Here’s Ten Ways to Show the Love This February

  1. Write to, or email, your MP (more on this below).
  2. Send a green heart to your MP.
  3. Wear green hearts, or don whatever green or heart-y clothes you have.
  4. Bake green hearts; the yummier, the better.
  5. Draw, craft and make green hearts; get creative and use whatever is laying around your house!
  6. Write about what the climate crisis means to you; in the form of a journal entry, a poem, short story or whatever feels best.
  7. Make a green hearts music playlist: it could be themed around a particular green issue, or may include songs about loving one another and planet
  8. Acts of Kindness Day is on the 17th of February, could you volunteer your time to help a neighbour, friend or someone else in your local community?
  9. Download a postcard to send to your MP
  10. Use #ShowTheLove on social media and engage with other people who are using the hashtag. Plus let everyone know what you're up to!

Show the Love is all about trying to have meaningful conversations with our MPs. After all, they represent us in Parliament and raise our issues and concerns. Sending a green heart in some form to your MP helps to show that you're looking to work with them in a constructive way. 

There are no rules on how to make a green heart! You could chop up old cardboard or use offcuts and old rags. And if you're baking something, you could always send a photo of it in an email to your MP or tag them on social media. 

My MP and Climate Change: Who's my MP? What have they voted for?

Find who your local MP is here. If you're not too familiar about your MP, you can use the website where you can find their recent voting records, what kinds of things they have voted on in the past, and how they account for their expenses. 

Alternatively, if you're struggling for materials or inspiration, get in touch with us or send us a message on Facebook. We may be able to help you. 


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