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13 Best Places To Buy Second Hand Clothes Online in the UK in 2023

If you love hunting down a bargain, it can really pay to check out all the places to buy second hand clothes online. 

We've written up a list of all the best second hand websites that deliver to the UK below.

Our list tries to find some of the more interesting and less well-known used clothing sites to buy from. 


Are you looking for somewhere to sell clothes online instead? Try these alternatives.

The Best Online Second Hand Fashion Shops in the UK [2023]

13 of the Best Used Clothes Sites UK 

eBay: Grab a last gasp bargain


Yes, yes, we all have heard of eBay. But are you using it in the right way to find the cheapest fashion bargains online? There is definitely a time to strike to steal those last-minute deals.

One of the best ways to shop off-season. So if you're reading this in the summer, it's time to be looking for winter wear. It sounds odd, but this is often when people are having clearouts and businesses are looking to shift old stock. 

The other big tip is to set up your search alerts. This lets you know exactly when those pair of swanky boots you've always dreamed of owning go live. Then you can get in with the first offer, or wait to snipe a bid later on.

Dopplle: Great New App for Clothes Swaps

Dopplle online clothes swapping app

Clothes swaps are a great alternative to buying new clothes. With Dopplle you have the convenience of swapping at home, rather than going to a more traditional clothes swap event. This app is particularly good for students and for more trendy fashion but is open to all, available on App Store or Google Play. 

And of course, you get the 'double whammy' effect of clothes swapping. At the same time of finding a new to you item, you can clear out your wardrobe.

Untagged: Stop the Scroll

One of the virtues of Untagged's app is that you can only browse 20 items a day. This is great for a more mindful shopping experience. If you aren't shopping for anything in particular and just like to treat yourself every now and then, then go for it.

FINDS: Buy Clothes From A Feed of Videos

If you love scrolling TikTok or Instagram Reels all day, then FINDS might be for you! You browse a feed of sellers who show off their vintage and preloved clothing with 15 second video clips. 

You can also tune in to livestreams from your favourite sellers. So once you getting using the app for a bit, you have a great chance of finding those sellers that suit you to a T.

Depop: Best for Vintage and Retro Clothing

Depop is a great rehome for all things vintage, retro and funky. Prices are usually a bit higher but you can find some quality original items from your favourite brands.

There are lots of different kinds of sellers on Depop, from individuals just tidying up their wardrobes, to fully fledged businesses. So it is always wise to check their reviews and make sure they accept returns.

Nucha: Shop Charities All in One Place

Nucha is a new all-in-one platform where you can buy from, as well as sell and donate to, your favourite charities. It looks super promising so far and welcomes individuals, charities and campaigners to sign up and get involved. 

The charities on the platform so far include Grace House, Afidi, Dragonfly Cancer Trust and more. 

Beyond Retro: Huge Selection

Old but gold, Beyond Retro has been selling second hand fashion since 2002. You can find all kinds of styles, brands to suit your taste.

With so much choice comes the need to filter results. Thankfully Beyond Retro has lots of different categories to browse so you can keep digging through to find what you're looking for.

It's also worth looking at their curated collections for a bit of preloved outfit inspiration. 

SuperLooper: Best for Baby Clothes Rental 

Baby clothes rental

They grow up so fast! In fact, babies grow 8 clothing sizes by the age of two. So why buy clothes for your little one when you can rent them? The best part is that there is no extra charge for stains or damage.

SuperLooper is a not-for-profit CIC which means the profits get reinvested back into the business. 

It works using a subscription plan, which you can personalise for a style that suits your child. 

You keep the clothes for 1-2 months, and then you can size up. 

Vestiaire Collective: Great for High-End Fashion

Vestiaire Collective is a trusted platform for luxury and designer fashion. You can find some more accessible brands (items for £10 and less) on there too, so don't rule it out.  

But if you are after those more coveted brands, you can rest assured with their authenticated items. Vestiaire offers a service to verify that items are genuine so you know you aren't buying fake products. Note, this doesn't include all the items on the website. So read each listing carefully. 

Green Heart Collective: Best for Plus-Size Fashion and Organic Activewear

Struggling to find items in your size? Green Heart Collective have a special collection of plus-size affordable fashion including Evans dresses, Avenue boots and City Chic swimwear all packed in their UK warehouse in Gateshead. They also have a special range of sustainable sports wear made from organic materials

Old School Uniform: Recycle School Uniform

You can find free or discounted second hand school uniform on Old School Uniform's site. Filter by school, or browse their unbranded school uniform or even prom dresses.

There are no fees and no commission to pay. 

If you can't find your child's uniform, there is also a notice board so you can ask other users if they have something similar that is suitable. 

Preloved Sports CIC: Buy and Donate your Unwanted Running Gear

Second hand sports wear

Need some new running tops or trainers? Try getting them preloved instead - you could save money and save sportswear from landfill. 

There is so much cheap sportswear kicking around. Maybe they're old race tees, or simply items that never sold in the first place. Lots of 'preloved' sports clothes are still in pretty good condition. With a quick wash you can make sure they're clean and ready for your next workout or practice. 

Vinted: For cheap everyday essentials

If you haven't already had a quick look on Vinted, it's another great shout for finding affordable clothing. It's particularly good for high street fashion items and the market prices generally encourage sellers to keep prices low.

Don't be afraid to send offers through to sellers.

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