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A Virtual Tour of the Green Heart Showcase

A Virtual Tour of the Green Heart Showcase

The Green Heart Showcase opened on Wednesday. Here's how some of our first visitors have described it: 'a secondhand shop with a special touch', 'quality preloved clothing at an affordable price', 'an upmarket clothes reuse shop similar to a charity shop but better', 'a friendly environment to feel free to browse and buy in'. I'll take that.

If you're not able to visit in person at the moment, I thought I'd take you on a virtual tour of how the Showcase is looking right now. Of course, it will be constantly changing as the seasons come and go, but here's a snapshot (or several!) of this space today.

As you enter, this fabulous jeans wall is on your left. We made it out of the sides of wardrobe doors and some IKEA mug hooks left over from our kitchen when it was fitted. We love it. A couple of pairs have been painted as the one at the front shows, most are regular jeans in a whole range of sizes, shades, styles and brands. The shoebox installation is being added to constantly. The very first item we sold from this wall was a pair of red leather boots! The front shelving holds men's T shirts and the back shelving has a fab selection of hoodies from all your favourite brands.

The denim theme continues with a rail of denim jackets, shorts, skirts, pinafores, jeggings and other chambray tops, interspersed with some great stripes. Denim works all year round and is so popular and hardwearing, I imagine this selection will always be here, but I'll switch it up with other great outfit suggestions as times goes by. Here, you can see one of our cool little price tags with the yellow wool. The tags are made from cereal boxes and the wool denotes the size - confusing at first but the more you visit, the more you'll get used to it, and there are signs everywhere to remind you that red is SMALL (size 10 and below), yellow is MEDIUM (size 12 and 14) and blue is LARGE (size 16 and above).

We then move round to the pair of displays with a wonderful summer vibe. The first is a collection of linen items mixed in with summer florals. The floral light scarves are a great addition to any item and are priced at £3 each or 2 for £5 (as are all the cushions). Then we have the pastels - shirts, skirts and trousers in pale blue, pink, yellow, green and white. The upper rail is for women, the lower for men.

The wall opposite the jeans wall is another feature wall. My creative friends Helen and Gill painted the mirrors and made the hanging installations and the overall effect is amazing. All the mirrors are for sale apart from the large affirmation mirror in the middle, which has affirmations written in Scrabble letters and a tray of affirmation cards to choose one from and take home, if you're in need of some encouraging words. There's a stand of yoga and wellbeing items, all slight seconds but never been used and then we move round into the vintage/antique/retro corner with gorgeous linens in the drawers, antique treasures on the dresser and books to browse on the bookshelf. You can rest a while at the table, choosing a recipe from our wide selection of recipe books to take a photo of and inspire your evening meal.

The central stand is an amazing industrial display rack from the guys next door. It's super heavy so won't be moving around much. At the moment, there are men's polo shirts at the end at £6 each or 2 for £10 and then some incredible yoga wear that has the original tags attached. These carefully considered pieces are also eco friendly, made from organic cotton or recycled polyester and are slight seconds in some small way, available at only £7 a garment.

The other side of the stand has preloved Adidas sportswear and then a mix of other great brands on the next arm. Then there's a cool selection of Friend or Faux T shirts to choose from.

We then pass round by the Audrey Hepburn inspired display - sophisticated black and white items with a splash of red - and come to the final display which brings together adventures and expeditions, jungle and desert themes. All jewellery is £2 a piece which keeps it simple. The macrame bunting has been made especially for the Showcase but is available for sale at only £15 for a string of colourful, durable, reusable, beautifully crafted bunting.

You pass this unmissable counter on the way out, where you can pay for your purchases! It's a work in progress but has already received a lot of love. Made from two pallets and wood leftover from the worktops in our kitchen, we think it does the job and are looking forward to building around this piece of furniture to create a really functional yet beautiful counter area. The jury's still out on whether we paint it grey or leave it natural...

So there you have it. This tour has officially finished! We'd love for you to come down if you're able, but don't forget, we do also sell online and if you've seen anything in these images you can't find online, then do get in touch!

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  • It’s looking great! A wonderful eclectic collection saved from Landfill, to be upcycled, recycled, repurposed.
    Lovely to see it all coming together!
    Congratulations on your Launch. X

    Gill Lisk

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