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Feb 26, 2023

Where Does Textile Recycling Go, Really?

Even fast fashion can’t hide its own trail of waste. And yet it was still shocking to learn just how far some ‘textil...

Jan 20, 2023

Where You Can Find 10 Charity Shops in One Old Department Store

The best charity shops in London are those treasure troves full of amazing second hand finds. Usually you meander fro...

Jan 11, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Green Heart Collective Wins Most Innovative Social Enterprise 2022

PRESS RELEASE  - FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION 11/01/2023  Gateshead-based social enterprise Green Heart Collective wins ...

Oct 14, 2022

Where To Take Rags and Where To Recycle Clothes

No matter how well you look after your clothes, at some point you'll end up with a knackered top that has given all t...

Oct 7, 2022

Here's How Many Clothes the Average UK Adult Has in Their Wardrobes

Why is nobody talking about the sheer amount of clothes that we have in our wardrobes?  In the UK alone, the average ...

Jul 15, 2022

A Guide to Buying Second Hand Yoga Mats

Buying preloved is great for the planet and great for your pocket. Here's what to watch out for when buying second ha...

May 27, 2022

Why Clothes Swaps Are Great for the Environment and Your Pocket

Clothes swaps are great for the environment and even better for saving money. We've rounded up the benefits and the best places to swap clothes online all in one place.

May 4, 2022

Ten Reasons Why Green Heart Collective Is (Probably) Unique

Last Saturday, a woman enjoyed browsing in the shop while I played with Playmobil on the floor with her four year old son. Having made her purchases, she remarked 'I love it here. I'm so glad I found you. What you're doing is ahead of the curve, you know. I haven't been anywhere like this before.'

Apr 25, 2022

The Ultimate Ethical Alternatives to Shein, ASOS and Boohoo

Fast fashion is irresistible. Whether you like shopping for the latest styles that the likes of Shein, ASOS and Boohoo have to offer, or maybe you just love a bargain, fast fashion scratches the itch in just a few clicks. But the more discerning shoppers want something different.

Apr 20, 2022

Where to Buy Second-Hand Books Online and in Person

Nothing beats the feeling of picking up a new book for the first time. We shouldn't judge books by their cover, but it is still hard to resist the feel of a physical print book. And this is reflected in the 10-year high in sales for new UK books. Here Are the Best Second-Hand Alternatives to Buying New Books.

Mar 24, 2022

How to Declutter Your Wardrobe and What to Do With Unwanted Clothes!

Finally, the weather is on the turn and we're all feeling a bit better for it. But if you're still filled with dread when it comes to spring cleaning your wardrobe we've searched high and low to show you how to declutter your wardrobe.

Jan 17, 2022

What Is a Gift Economy and Where Can You Share Items Online in the UK?

It feels great to give - and that's what the gift economy is all about. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might not be able to sell or donate an item. But that doesn't mean it has to go in the bin! Another way of moving on your unwanted bits and bobs is by 'gifting' them to those who can make use of them.
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