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Upcycle a T-Shirt Challenge

 Are you ready to take on the Upcycled T-Shirt Challenge? 

Did you know that producing one new T-Shirt uses around 2700 litres of water to manufacture and produce creating the same amount of emissions as driving 35 miles in a car? Source: WRAP

That's why we have created our upcycled T-Shirt challenge to use up some old deadstock T-Shirts. By entering, you not only have the chance to win a great prize, but you will also be rescuing and transforming a T-Shirt that could otherwise be thrown away. 

The Challenge

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to turn a T-Shirt into something beautiful, potentially practical and truly unique. Let your imagination run wild - we're looking for something that looks amazing but also really transforms the T-Shirt into something else. 

It costs £5 to enter which goes towards the cost of the T-Shirt, any postage fees, and any extra accessories picked up if you're entering in-person.

How to register

Please ensure you register via the correct Eventbrite event. We have created two separate events as follows:

Click here if you are local to Gateshead and wish to collect your T-Shirt in person. You can collect your T-Shirt and any other accessories you fancy between 10am and 2pm on Saturday 3 September or on another day by arrangement.

Click here if you live in the UK and wish to have a T-Shirt sent out to you in the post. 

How to submit your entry and when the challenge ends

The T-Shirt challenge ends on the 24th of September. If you are local to Gateshead, please bring your entry in, before or on this date.

For online-only entries please ensure that your email with your photos attached arrives by Friday 23rd September at the very latest. Please also make sure that you tell us which category you are entering.

For online-only entries please send photos of your entry to 

What can you win?

We are looking for the most inventive and beautiful use of a T-Shirt.

We have four categories, please ensure you make it clear which category you are entering. 

  1. In-person adult
  2. In-person child
  3. Online Adult
  4. Online Child 

Each category will have a winner who will receive a £25 Hobbycraft voucher.

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