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8 Ways to Find Amazing Preloved Clothes Online

8 Ways to Find Amazing Preloved Clothes Online

We love that more people are choosing to buy second hand. It's becoming even more popular thanks to Love Island, with lots of people inspired to seek out second hand bargains. 

The best thing about shopping preloved is that sometimes you come across something that amazes you. Maybe it's a top from your favourite designer brand or perhaps it's an item you'd never think of trying usually. 

But how do you find these brilliant preloved clothes and for less? Read on!

8 Top Tips to Find the Best Preloved Clothes Online

1. Use Your Search Terms Wisely

You've sat down to do some online shopping. If you're after a preloved designer bag by Gucci, you'll want to try a whole raft of different combinations on various websites. Try your Depop's, Vinted's, eBay & more but crucially mix up your search terms. Experiment with different spellings and mess around with the filters. Leave no stone unturned!

2. Shop When No One Else is on eBay

Think about when you're logging on to do your online shopping. Most eBay sellers will try to list their items for auction during peak times, like on a Sunday evening. But if someone is having a clear out they may put up new items as and when. This gives you a great opportunity to swoop in during the week and snap up a bargain. So try shopping at different times of the day. 

3. Embrace the Imperfect

Imperfections do not spell disaster. If you try to keep your fashion purist sensibilities locked away, embracing imperfect or slightly defected second hand designer clothes means you might be able to rescue something that other people have passed over. You may even be able to repair the garment yourself or get it fixed so it is good as new (to you).

4. Take your Time

One of the biggest challenges of shopping for preloved clothes online is that you might not find something right away. Be prepared to wait for the right item at the right price. Try setting up alerts for any new listings, bear in mind what we said about search terms earlier.

5. Don't be Shy - Send a Message

If you're not too sure about the sizing of preloved clothes then send the seller a message. You might even be able to haggle with them on price. Want to check that imperfection out a bit more? Or maybe see if there's any stock about to come in? Just ask! 

6. Shopping off Season Second Hand

Why is it so hard to find the clothes we love when we want them? Usually because everyone else is buying them at the same time. This is similar to our tip on shopping at unusual times, but requires a bit more planning and investment.

Part of slow fashion is building a timeless wardrobe and not buying things on the fly. You can do this by buying your winter clothes in the summer as well as finding summer dresses just as autumn begins. Again, someone might just be clearing out of their wardrobe at just the right time for you to find something special. 

7. Try Different Sizes

One of the worst feelings when shopping fast fashion is that sizes vary so much between and within brands. With vintage or second hand fashion, size is still an issue which is why it is a great idea to shop in-store if you can. But you may find that sizing up or down means you have more choice when shopping online. It is as good idea to measure yourself and then check item listings or ask sellers for measurements. Also make sure that you can return the item if it doesn't fit for a refund. Again this means the whole process of shopping online for a pair of jeans may take a bit longer. But it'll be worth it. 

8. Research your Seller or Platform

There is such a wide range of choice for finding top quality preloved clothes online. Even on the most popular sites there are still a whole range of sellers. But it's worth checking their reviews before you buy. eBay has a handy system that shows you all the recent positive and negative reviews. Vinted and Depop also have user reviews for each account. It may be harder to check other websites, but you can see if anyone has talked about them on social media, for example. It's always worth shopping with confidence.



Before you go...

Why not tell us the favourite thing you found when shopping for vintage or second hand clothes online? Comment below!


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